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TCC has many years of experience in operation and management of power plants which include Guantian Coal-fired CFB Power Plant and the following gas-fired combined-cycle IPP plants: Star Energy Power Corporation, Sun Ba Power Corporation, Star Buck Power Corporation and Kuo Kuang Power Co., Ltd. TCC thus is well equipped to provide comprehensive operation and maintenance services for power plants and power industry in general. In the area of power plant operation and management, TCC’s services range from plant efficiency management, operation monitoring and control, and materials and inventory management. In the area of maintenance, TCC’s services cover preventive maintenance, periodical and regular inspection and repairs, emergency repairs, and spare parts control.

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Our Service Goal

In order to strengthen the operation and maintenance of existing power plants, enhance the efficiency of the equipment and strengthen the dominant power on the newly invested businesses, reduce operating costs, and improve investment income, we intensify budget control and reduce costs. In addition, when developing new types of energy and providing ESCO related services, we pursue the most energy-saving, the most economical and the most environment-friendly service goals. Leaving a better environment to the next generation is our constant goal.