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Corporate Governance

Taiwan's top 20% of listed companies by the third Corporate Governance Evaluation! The Company has established a Code of Corporate Governance to establish a sound corporate governance system and improve corporate governance performance. The third corporate governance evaluation conducted by the Stock Exchange in 2016, the company's performance in the listed companies (a total of 843 companies) ranked the top 20%. We will continue to improve the relevant rules and regulations, strengthen the functions of the board of directors, reinforce the disclosure of information, enhance functional committee operation, and ascertain the implementation of corporate governance.


Board of Directors


The shareholder meeting is the highest decision-making entity of the Company. Directors are elected by shareholders to run the business. In accordance with the Article of Incorporation of the Company, 13 director positions are created for a term of three years. Through their different professional backgrounds and diversified fields of expertise, directors play a management role and lead the Company to safeguard interests of stakeholders. The nominating committee was established in December, 2019, and all directors was re-elected in subsequent shareholder meeting in June, 2020.

The Chairman is elected by the Board of Directors. In June, 2020, Mr. Min-chieh Chang was elected by the Board of Directors, the representative of Taipower, as the 11th Chairman of the Board.


Directors of the Board are listed below:

Position Name

​Taipower Representative Min-chieh Chang (Chairman)

Taipower Representative Chien-Yih Chen
Taipower Representative Jao-hua Hsu
Taipower Representative Ming-De Jiang
Taipower Representative Li-Jhen Chen
Taipower Representative Yuh-ming Lee
Ta Ya Representative Wen-Bin Li
Yuanjun Representative Sheng-chun Wang
Jiansheng Representative Fu-Cin Hong
Bohan Representative Yi-Sian Chen
Independent Director Yao-wen Lin
Han-Shen Li
Ji-Sheng Ye
Prospects 未來展望

Future Prospects

  • Improve Operational Performance

  • Actively Expand Business

  • Strengthen Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Strengthen Human Resources

  • Respond to Electricity Liberalization

  • Integrity

  • Attentiveness

  • Efficiency

  • Professional

  • Enthusiasm