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Corporate Governance

Taiwan's top 20% of listed companies by the third Corporate Governance Evaluation! The Company has established a Code of Corporate Governance to establish a sound corporate governance system and improve corporate governance performance. The third corporate governance evaluation conducted by the Stock Exchange in 2016, the company's performance in the listed companies (a total of 843 companies) ranked the top 20%. We will continue to improve the relevant rules and regulations, strengthen the functions of the board of directors, reinforce the disclosure of information, enhance functional committee operation, and ascertain the implementation of corporate governance.


Internal Audit


Internal auditing organization

  1. The purpose of the Company's internal audit is to assist the Board of Directors and Managerial level to inspect and review defects in the internal control systems and measure whether the operation of internal control system works effectively and provide appropriate suggestions for revision which can ensure the on-going performance of effective internal control and serve as the basis of internal control system revisions.

  2. The Company has set up an Internal Audit Office that is directly subsidiary to the Board of Directors, and is lead by the Chief Auditor and the provisions of the appropriate number of full-time internal auditors.

  3. The appointment or dismissal of the Chief Auditor is approved by Audit committee and the Board of Directors. The appointment, dismissal, evaluation and review, salary and compensation of internal auditors are submitted by the Chief Auditor to the Chairman of the Board for approval.

The operation of the internal audit

  1. The internal auditors of the company must be detached, independent, objective, and impartial, in faithfully performing their duties, and in addition to reporting their audit operations to each indepedent director on a regular basis, the internal audit officer shall also attend and deliver a report to the audit committee  and the board of directors.
  2. The audit shall consist of periodic and project audit. Periodic audits shall be prepared in accordance with the results of the risk assessment before the beginning of the year and shall be carried out after the approval by the audit committee and the board of directors meeting. Depending on the actual needs, the project audit shall be carried out from time to time.
  3. The Internal Audit Office of the Company reviewed the self-inspection reports prepared by all departments, and be subject to approval by the audit committee and the board of directors meeting. To serve as the primary basis for the chairman and president to evaluate the overall efficacy of all internal control systems and to produce Internal Control System Statements.
Prospects 未來展望

Future Prospects

  • Improve Operational Performance

  • Actively Expand Business

  • Strengthen Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Strengthen Human Resources

  • Respond to Electricity Liberalization

  • Integrity

  • Attentiveness

  • Efficiency

  • Professional

  • Enthusiasm