Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Taiwan Cogen has focused on communications with stakeholders, that we often through various means grasp their views and concerns of the company, and has an open and direct communication channel to respond to stakeholders attention to information.


Stakeholder Communication

The Company has a wide range of stakeholders, including government agencies, shareholders, customers / users, employees, suppliers / contractors / outsourcers, neighboring communities, banks / insurance companies , non-governmental organizations, public associations and media; and then through the questionnaire survey, and in accordance with the five assessment principles in the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (SES), by departments in accordance with the responsibility, influence, tension , number of views, dependency for the score. After the statistical analysis, the five most important stakeholder categories were: government agencies, shareholders, employees, customers / power users, and suppliers / contractors / outsourcers.


Identification of major issues

The Company has established 18 permanent issues in accordance with the guidelines of GRI G4, the guidelines for exposing the power industry, with reference to issues related to corporate social responsibility at home and abroad and international sustainable development trends. The importance topics of stakeholders’ concerns which have the highest level of impacts on Taiwan Cogen include operational performance, supply stability and reliability, sustainable strategies, risk control, corporate governance, disclosure of information, compliance and policy participation. In addition, the Company has independently disclosed the relevant information on non-major issues such as customer relationship, climate change and renewable energy, recruitment and nurturing, so as to fully uncover the performance and performance of TCC's commitment to sustainable operation.



In order to enable effective communication with stakeholders, we sincerely welcome you to provide valuable advice and suggestions.

  •  Spokesperson:Yi-tong, Chen Vice President
  •   Deputy Spokesperson:Chi- je, Hsu Manager TEL:+886-28798-2000~653

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