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Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation (TCC) was founded in 1992 with a goal of assisting the industry by providing cogeneration technology to enhance energy efficiency and increase power supply in Taiwan. Within these years, TCC have accomplished our own Guan-Tian cogeneration plant, invested by joint venture Ta-Yuan Cogeneration Corporation, Sun Ba, Star Energy, Star Buck, and Kuo-Kuang four gas-fired combined cycle IPPs. Now we are undertaking a 600 MW coal-fired power plant, called RP Energy Power Project, in Subic Bay, Philippines. In addition to investment of cogeneration and IPP power plants, our 100% owned Star Energy Corp has won and completed successfully a number of EPC contracts for substations, transmission lines, onshore wind power units and other power related projects. With our persistent endeavor, TCC has already become a high reputation power company in Taiwan.

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